Lars Thoughts: I Was Disinvited from PSU over my 2nd Amendment Rights

By Lars Larson

The Portland State University Campus Republican student group invited me to do a live broadcast this past Monday in honor of second amendment week.

Last week, somewhat ironically, the University has threatened to remove all funding from that group and ban the event unless I voluntarily give up my 2nd amendment rights…the very thing we are there to recognize.

Now you might wonder, what’s the law about carrying a gun with a permit on campus. Nearly 25 years ago, the Legislature passed a law making it legal to carry on a public school or university campus…and declared that any government agency, like PSU, had absolutely no right whatsoever to regulate that right.

The Universities took that case to court a few years ago…and they lost. Citizens have a right to carry on campus. But the University has told students and employees…yes, you have that right, but if you exercise it, we will kick you out or fire you.

Now their lawyer demands that by high noon tomorrow, I must declare that I have voluntarily given up that right…or they will cut funding to the student group. This is why conservatives have such a dim view of universities and the liberal nonsense they push on your kids.

I won’t be kowtowing to the demands of bureaucratic apparatchiks.

Kenneth Nelson from Campus Reform wrote a piece on this situation. Click here to read it.

Today, I went down to PSU and live-streamed an updated report:



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