Hey Obama, pull my other leg, it plays Jingle Bells

By Lars Larson

The biggest news story of the last couple of days is the Obama administration’s claim that Russia hacked our elections.  Already members of congress are calling for an in depth investigation.  So let me get this straight:  Russia hacked the Democrat Party and left its fingerprints all over the hacking?  One of the most experienced intelligence agencies in the world, in a country headed by a former KGB guy left tons of clues?  And they only hacked the Democrats but not the Republicans.  And then they released the data to help Donald Trump get elected.  

Because Trump was better for Russia than Hillary…who pushed the Russian Reset, whose boss promised Vladimir more flexibility after the election, who didn’t do much of anything when Russia invaded Crimea, or set up bases in Syria…that Obama/Clinton.  Oh, and President Obama knew about this in September and had members of congress briefed…a threat to our election and democratic republic…and then did exactly nothing.  Hey, Obama pull my other leg… it plays Jingle Bells.



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