Has Chicago’s teacher’s union taken over the city?

With some of the highest murder rates in America, Chicago has become the poster child for crime ridden, but who is really calling the shots in the windy city?

Chicago’s new mayor, Brandon Johnson, is a former middle school teacher and teachers’ union organizer who has won the city’s mayoral runoff election. His narrow victory over a former city schools executive and charter school advocate represents a significant moment for education in the fourth largest school district in the United States. Brandon Johnson’s victory in the Chicago mayoral runoff election was a cause for celebration for the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) leaders and members at his victory party on Tuesday. The CTU played a significant role in Johnson’s win, spending a remarkable $2.4 million on his campaign and dedicating countless hours to canvassing, networking, and energizing supporters. For more information, Lars speaks with Austin Berg, the Vice President of Marketing for the Illinois Policy Institute, and author of “The New Chicago Way: Lessons from Other Big Cities,” (out now).