Government’s Latest Coverup Is Well On Its Way

My opinion: Oregon’s Secretary of State broke criminal laws against bribery and official misconduct.  Unfortunately, the coverup has begun.

Shemia Fagan was buried deep in debt before she ran for the office and she knew what the job paid.  She kept spending beyond her means so she looked for outside income, legal or not.

Making 64 hundred bucks a month as an elected official didn’t pay her bills, so she arranged a consulting contract: 10-thousand bucks a month with the biggest legal weed retailer in Oregon, La Mota.

Shemia Fagan almost admits it was a bribe: she claims she earned that money with, quote, “minimal” time. Big bucks for minimal time, smells a bribe.

The Secretary of state audits state agencies, including the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission…which regulates the weed stores.

This morning, the Daily Dead Fishwrapper,, does a front page on Fagan that pleads her poverty state wages.  

And Governor Tina Kotek announces she’s handing the investigation of Fagan to the highly partisan Democrat Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum…who has no power whatsoever to bring criminal charges like bribery or official misconduct. So the fix is in.

I can’t read her mind…but she’s applying to get her Oregon law license reactivated and that suggests Shemia may be anticipating, let’s say, a speedy return to the private sector.