Good Riddance to Leaky Jim

By Lars Larson

Here’s a traffic update for you:

Fired FBI chief James Comey threw himself under the bus yesterday in his testimony before a Senate Committee.

Sure, he described the President as a liar…but the lie Comey complained about was that the FBI was an agency in shambles with agents who didn’t trust the man at the top. Comey described himself as a man too weak to tell his boss, Donald Trump, that Trump was out of line.

He admitted to lying to the American people about the Criminal Investigation of Hillary Clinton because Democrat operative and Attorney General Loretta Lynch told him to lie.

Gee, I’m sure FBI agents had full confidence in a guy like that.

And then the same Comey who one month ago was complaining to congress about leaks of secret information…confessed to the Congress that he himself became a leaker…to the New York Times…to plant a story about Donald Trump…that he hoped would bring a damaging investigation of the President.

Good Riddance to Leaky Jim.



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