Get Ready For A Long, Cold Dark Winter Made Worse By NW Government

It’s turned chilly over the last few days here in the Northwest. If you’re like me, you enjoyed waking up to heat and lights and a hot shower.

Enjoy it while you can because politicians have plans to leave you cold and in the dark.

Tomorrow, in Washington State the building codes council plans to ban all natural gas in new construction.  Greenies hate nat gas and frankly anything that burns.

Some Northwest cities have already proposed forcing you to remove all your existing  natural gas…your stove, your furnace and your water heater.

They want you to go “all electric”.

They also want you to force you to drive an electric car.

The only problem is, the Northwest Power planning council already forecasts the likelihood of blackouts in less than two years…one chance in three. We’re short of juice

America enjoys huge reserves of cheap natural gas…your government masters…yes, the same folks who threatened your job if you don’t  mask and jab…they plan to make you switch to the power we’re running out of.

Greens want hydro dams torn out, coal shut down, condemn natural gas and forbid nuclear.

If you don’t like their plan to have you freeze to death in the dark, I’d suggest you stock up on sweaters, batteries and firewood…or make some very different choices in the next few elections.