Former Assistant Director of the FBI Ron Hosko on James Comey Testimony

By Lars Larson

Here’s what we know today after fired FBI Director James Comey testified to the Senate:

A year ago, he was doing a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton but was ordered by Attorney General Loretta Lynch NOT to call it a criminal investigation: she instructed him to call it “a matter”. Comey went along with the deception in a move that clearly aided the woman who was then seeking the Democrat Party Nomination for President. Comey then held a news conference to clear Hillary Clinton of any prosecution, despite the crimes she committed.

Early this year, Comey told the Congress he distrusted the President enough that he took notes about conversations with Donald Trump. Trump asked him to make it clear to Americans that the President was not under investigation. Comey didn’t tell Americans Trump was not under investigation until it leaked not long ago.

That sure stinks like partisanship to me.

When the President fired him, Comey used a law professor friend to leak a memo to the New York Times that was damaging to the President of the United States.

Comey admits that the President did not order him to drop the investigation. Comey admits the President did not commit obstruction of justice. Comey says the President lied about him. Comey admits the President was never under investigation for alleged links to Russia.

Former Assistant Director of the FBI Ron Hosko shared his thoughts with Lars about the James Comey Testimony. Listen to the interview below.



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