FishWrapper Alert!

By Lars Larson

FishWrapper alert!

Sunday’s internet front page of the Seattle Times offers evidence the writers may be smoking pot on the job. Paragraph four has the quote…”The election of Donald Trump has renewed fears that what’s seen as one of the gravest mistakes in American history — the forced wartime internment of an ethnic minority — could repeat itself.”

That’s right campers, The Seattle Times says, DONALD TRUMP MAY BRING BACK INTERNMENT CAMPS for whatever group the new President doesn’t favor.

Maybe it’s peyote…or acid.

A country where dangerous, damaging demonstrations fill the streets has the major newspaper in America’s 13th largest city publishing as news the looney fever dreams of liberals as “news”.

Or maybe “The Onion” is now running the content of the FishWrapper.

A lot of my guys on the right have had some crazy conspiracy theories about B Hussein Obama over the last 8 years. The Internet was full of that stuff. But it wasn’t taken seriously.

This is different.

(Times) “But…the fear and the hate, the inflammatory rhetoric, that was present during World War II is here today, fed by Trump’s speeches and reflected back by enthusiastic crowds.’



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