Feckless Ted Gives Millions To Feel-Good Programs While People Die

Not many Harvard men here in the Northwest can claim credit for the kind of legacy of blood and bodies that Feckless Ted Wheeler brings to the Rose City.

When Wheeler took office, Portland had a paltry homicide rate…just 20 that first year.  This year, Terrible Ted has the city on a path to five times that many murders.

Last year Wheeler could not bend over fast enough for the “Defund Police” mob of Antifa and BLM.

Ironically, half the people shot to death last year were people of color.

Tell me again how Black Lives Matter?  Then explain how getting rid of the police Gun Violence Reduction Team makes sense.

Late yesterday, the city council agreed to spend six million bucks…but guess where it’s going.

Activist community groups get millions for Anti violence activities so loosely defined that no one can say exactly what the money goes for

Some money goes to police to investigate shootings…but that’s only after the blood has spilled.

And 1.4 million goes to hire 24 unarmed park rangers…who will go up against the pistol packing criminals Ted lets run wild.

Just four days ago, right in the middle of downtown, a man threatened park rangers with an axe.  This is the fix?

And this last minute plan cooked up yesterday?…gets a final vote today and the public is not allowed to testify .