FBI Will Not Recommend Charges for Hillary Clinton

James Comey, FBI
FBI Director James Comey

By Lars Larson

We now officially live in a banana republic, where the laws and the Constitution mean nothing.

FBI director James Comey says: It’s a crime to expose secret info through negligence.

Hillary Clinton exposed secret information through negligence – her negligence. She was deliberately operating a secret server. Yet the FBI recommends no charges for Clinton.

Former President Clinton attempts a secret meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Hillary Clinton tells the New York Times last week that she will keep Loretta Lynch as her AG.

The fix is in

Breaking the law now no longer matters, even when you hold one of the highest offices, short of the Presidency. Scooter Libby and Gen. David Petraeus were prosecuted for violating laws based on secret information. But not Hillary.

Do you wonder what reward Comey gets for selling out the law and America?

Watch the full statement from FBI Director James Comey:




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