Fact Checkers Have Vanished With Biden In Office

America’s fact checkers are all tuckered out and have taken a break.

For four long years these folks totaled up and loudly announced the thousands of lies they claim the evil Orange Man, Donald Trump, told this country.

Today, with simple minded Joe in the White House, those checkers are on vacation.

Yesterday, Joe Biden announced he would bring American Troops home by September 11.

The Trump timeline had them home 2 weeks from now.

Yesterday Biden claimed, quote “I said we would follow Osama bin Laden to the Gates of Hell… and…  We got him”.

Actually it was John McCain who said that but he’s dead so he can’t object to another Biden lie…and the fact checkers are checked out

It’s worth noting that while Obama supported the raid that killed the terrorist mastermind he wrote in his book that Joe told him ““Mr. President, my suggestion is, don’t go.”

But by last year’s Presidential campaign Biden’s commercials claimed that he and Barack got it done together.

But that’s Joe

Cribbed his way to a college degree.

Plagiarized as a politician, stealing speeches when he needed to.

He even claimed this year that until he arrived, there was no China Virus vaccine.

And America’s valiant fact checkers…ssshhh!  They’re napping.