Facebook Blocked Me For “Hate Speech” Over This Post

By Lars Larson

It looks like Facebook banned a post I wrote a few months ago for “hate speech”. It’s absurd. But in case you’d like to read it, here you go:

Illegal aliens number in the hundreds of thousands here in the Northwest.

They’re far less than ten percent of the population but they make up more than 10 percent of the state prison population. They kill and they rape and they drive drunk. For more three decades, police have used a sanctuary law as an excuse not to turn over these criminal aliens to immigration authorities.  The law actually says police can’t act against aliens unless they have been accused of a crime.

Now, citizens get the opportunity to vote that law out. IP 22 qualified for the ballot yesterday with more than 100 thousand signatures.

You might think it doesn’t have a chance in a politically blue state like Oregon.

Think again.

Five short years ago, voters killed a law that would have given illegal aliens driver’s’ licenses. The legislature foolishly passed that law even though lawmakers knew the public opposed it. Referred to the ballot measure 88 passed with 66 percent support…which means a lot of liberal voters cast ballots against illegal alien driver’s licenses.

I figure they will do the same thing with the silly Sanctuary law this fall…and then the police can show criminal aliens the door…of a jail cell.



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