Email From A Listener Who Was Shot At For Supporting Trump
Good morning Lars,
My wife, one of our three daughters, my 2 year old son, and I participated in the nationwide “MAGA Drag the Interstate” rally to Olympia on Saturday. We met up in Vancouver, then met another group that organized in Chehalis, which then we joined eastern WA and northern WA and drove around the capital in Olympia. It was awesome, invigorating, energizing, proudful, etc..
We had a bottle of something thrown at our windshield along the way during the convoy, agitators at the capital threw eggs and even busted a window of one of our convoy trucks. Sunday I noticed my front bumper had been shot at, see attached pics. Myself (not a ballistic expert) as well as five other gun enthusiasts that I asked, all agree that this is not from a rock, nor BB, nor could a slingshot pellet have done this, note the metal. I definitely thank my God that it didn’t make it’s way into our cab, endangering our lives.
What is deplorable is that the Left simply cannot accept an alternative belief, aka Trump and us on the Right, and feel it necessary to damage our property and share their vile hate speech and finger gestures. After Trump wins in November, what do they have left? They’re already rioting! I believe that us Patriots need to prepare for what may come.
Stay safe Lars,
Dan, Scappoose, OR