Earl Blumenauer Is Ready To Swap Out Oregon

Something’s seriously wrong with Oregon’s bow-tied U.S. congressman, Earl Blumenauer.

He’s offering to trade citizens from the state he represents for a big city.

You see, a number of eastern Oregon counties have rightly complained that they’re not well represented in a state where most of the decisions are made hundreds of miles away in Portland.

So they voted for the “Greater Idaho” movement to consider leaving the beaver state for the Gem State.

Earl Blumenauer has a twisted and elite sense of who he is and what he represents.

The guy has never had a real job…serving on city council, county commission and now in the U.S. Congress for the last quarter of a century…somehow on government checks alone he’s become a multi millionaire along the way…maybe he got investment advice from Nancy Pelosi.

He’s also very Portland centric and dismissive of citizens who don’t appreciate the wise guidance of those from the Riot City.

So he literally said, quote, “I would entertain a trade for Boise and Sun Valley,”

As the Oregon Taxpayers association points out, Blumenauer would trade farmers and cattle ranchers for another large city full of people he can fleece with higher taxes…or a ski area where other elites like him live.

By the way, Boise happens to be the number one relocation spot for people who flee from the kind of representation Blumenauer offers.