Don’t Blame Trump for Violence, Blame Criminals

Donald Trump supporters at a rally

By Lars Larson

If you want to know who’s to blame for violence at the Donald Trump political event last night in San Jose, just remember what the crowd was chanting: “Make California Mexico again”.

Already, backers of Hillary Clinton like the San Jose Mayor are blaming Trump for causing the violence. That’s a pile of Bernie Sanders. This is the pro Mexico, pro illegal alien, La Raza/Tan Klan crowd that has identified Trump and his supporters as the biggest obstacle they face to an open borders America. They wave Mexican flags, shout pro illegal alien slogans, and last night, they physically assaulted Americans who had done nothing more than gather to hear their favorite politician speak; a right that’s contained in the American Constitution.  

Unfortunately, a lot of illegals come from a country that has no such guarantee, where corruption is rampant, and where violence is a regular part of daily life.  That’s exactly the kind of culture real Americans don’t want in our country.  They know that if the wall goes up, and America chooses a President who will enforce the laws, they will be forced to return to the poverty and lawlessness of their home country.   



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