Despite Democrats And Feminists Screaming We’re Evil, We Do Need Men In America

Kind of like the weather, everyone’s going to talk about the heinous crime in Uvalde, Texas where a madman murdered 19 children and NO ONE is going to do a damn thing about it.

Let me make a modest suggestion that’s reasonably apolitical.

Yes, he lived with Grandma and Grandpa, but by all accounts, the Uvalde child killer had no FATHER in his life.

The same is true for an estimated one third of all American children.

Then, when they get to school, teaching is largely a female profession .

three-quarters of ALL teachers are women.

It’s worse in elementary and middle schools where few men teach.

Can you see the problem? Now, would it have changed THIS killer to have a dad at home and some male role models at school.

Maybe not. But it fits right into what we hear all the time about di-versity.

People want a rainbow of skin colors in schools and a range of sexuality.

But what about male role models?

Church and religion are being erased from American society as fast as the haters can get it done.

The Boy Scouts shrank to half its former size the last couple of years.

Too many have no father at home…and when they get to school, they find few male role models.

School boards could fix that problem right now by reassigning teachers to help American boys past the sometimes rocky road of puberty.