Why I Despise Mike Huckabee

By Lars Larson

He’s a hero to many conservatives, but I despise former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee because he set loose a cop killer.  Six years ago today, four cops sat in a coffee shop in Parkland, Washington working on their laptops, getting prepped for the shift ahead.  Maurice Clemmons walked in, and gunned the officers down in cold blood.  Clemmons shot Officers Mark Renninger, Tina Griswold and Greg Richards in the head, and shot officer Ronald Owens in the neck. All died in uniform that horrible morning six years ago.  

Clemmons had been sent to prison in Arkansas on a sentence of more than 100 years for a string of crimes he’d committed.  But then Governor Mike Huckabee decided Clemmons could be redeemed, so he made clemmons eligible for parole…and set him loose on the public.  Clearly, he was a man who should have rotted behind bars for his full 109 year sentence.  After Huckabee set him loose, he was accused of assaulting a cop and raping a child…and then he murdered the officers.  

Lately, President Obama has been setting criminals loose from prison.  His reasoning is that the convicts are redeemable and have already served enough time in prison.  There’s a reason that the law and judges and juries send people to prison for decades.  When a man is sent to prison for more than a hundred years that’s a clue that the system sees himself as redeemable.  And when someone like Huckabee or Obama grant them mercy, sometimes its a death sentence for an innocent citizen…or a cop.



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