Democrats: You Can Only Transition Away From Your Gender, Never Back

Liberal politicians in the Northwest remind me of that Eagles song, Hotel California.

Don Henley’s most famous line , “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

Now, consider what Oregon democrats decided in writing one new law.

Every single health insurance plan in the state, public or private, must pay for gender transition treatment.

Put bluntly, chemical castration for teenage boys, puberty blockers and mastectomies for girls.

It’s supposed to turn biological boys into girls and vice versa.

Supporters of this crazy idea claim if we don’t offer so called “gender affirming care” the person might just commit suicide.

What about those who transition and find they’re still unhappy and want to change back?

Tough luck, liberals say. You’re only allowed one direction. 

Republican state representative Ed Diehl proposed an amendment to the law this year that would offer equal medical treatment for transition and detransition.

After all, democrats support both prenatal care for pregnant women who want to keep their babies…and abortion if they don’t

Democrats flatly rejected the amendment. 

Seeking gender change is apparently okay because it’s a progressive idea.

Changing your mind when you find it’s not what you want?  

That crazy conservative stuff.