Democrats Like Kate Brown Only Trust The Political Science

Science sure worked wonders in ending the Pandemic, didn’t it?

Political science that is.

Last night, the whole U.S. Congress showed up mask less for the State of the Union address.  The mask rules disappeared just in time.

Isn’t that amazing?

Meanwhile, with Oregon’s primary election less than 90 days away, the mask rules evaporated here too.

And guess what we learned just this morning?

Lockdown Kate Brown’s ends her vax mandate. You know, the one that had her threatening 40-thousand state employees…”no jab, no job”.


Now for those state employees were bullied into getting the Jab just a few months ago…no way to take it back.  Sure hope that mandated vax didn’t leave you with too many nasty side-effects.

And what about the fired folks?  The ones we were told were “essential employees” for most of the last two years…and then got a pink slip for not caving in for the jab?

I told you last fall governments would be sorry they wiped out all that talent for a pandemic that appeared to be waning as Omicron arrived…acting like a natural vaccination.

Well, Lockdown Brown says you can now apply to get your old job back.

If you want to work for an autocrat like her.  And check the details.

Do you get back your seniority, your vacation and your pension?

One thing for certain:  you never gave your rights or your dignity.  Bravo to that!

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