Democrats consider a fair trial one that ends with a guilty finding for Trump

Here we are, less than ten months from a Presidential election and democrats insist that Donald Trump is SUCH a threat to our republican form of government that he must be removed.  So America will see the impeachment trial begin this week and it promises to be as bizarre as it has been for the past five months. Unlike previous impeachments, no actual crime has been alleged.  Unlike previous impeachments, only the democrats have been able to call witnesses up till now. Unlike previous impeachments, this one alleges no treason, no bribery, no high crimes, and misdemeanors.  I hate to be a stickler but those are the constitutional requirements for any impeachment. Democrats in the House of Representatives say they should tell the Senate what constitutes a “fair” trial…but, unlike them, I have actually read the U.S. Constitution and it gives ALL power in the impeachment trial to the Senate…the House has nothing to say about it.  Doesn’t really matter though, because I figure democrats consider a fair trial one that ends with a guilty finding for Trump…and since this will be an acquittal…I think the Democrats will just end up mad and frustrated.

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