Democrats Are Giving Your Money To Drug Dealers

Are Oregon Democrat lawmakers really planning to give 25-million of your taxpayer dollars to the Mexican drug cartels?

The Northwest has already been a godsend to the cartels.  

Legal pot in both states let the Cartels operate massive marijuana plantations using illegals as slave labor…sometimes literally working them to death.

Both states wiped out laws against hard drugs that the cartels sell.

Now, the Oregon legislature proposes to supply the Cartel’s best customers with a thousand dollars cash every month.   

You see, most of those “houseless”, as the woke want you to call them, have fierce addictions to drugs.  The same wokies make sure the “houseless” enjoy generous subsidies in free housing, food stamps, welfare, meals, tents, tarps…all their basic needs.

But Cartels do business in cash…so, Oregon lawmakers now propose giving every drug-addicted tent camper a thousand bucks a month, every month for the next two years.

Now, do I need to draw a map to tell you where those tens of millions of dollars will end up.   

Can you say “mucho dinero”, ‘cause I know the cartel bosses can.