Democrats And The FBI Should Answer Some Questions During Today’s Jan 6 Hearing

Congress begins hearing testimony today today on the Capitol Hill riot January 6th.

Since Democrats took the partisan path and refused to seat the republicans best suited to ask questions, I will.

How many weeks or months had the FBI been tracking those who planned the riot?

Why did the Capitol Police ignore the warning the FBI says it gave.

Since the Capitol police answer to Nancy Pelosi, did the FBI warning make it to her ears…and did she tell them NOT to add extra security for January 6th.

The riot gave Pelosi an excuse to carry out an extraordinary second impeachment of Donald Trump just 2 weeks before he departed the White House.   The Senate held a Trial in violation of the Constitution, after Trump departed.

The only person who died in the Capitol Riot was an Air Force Veteran named Ashli Babbitt.  What’s the name of the Capitol Cop who killed her, why did he kill her, did he have a legal reason to kill her and if not, why wasn’t he charged?

And why is his name still a secret?

President Trump told the Pentagon he wanted 10-thousand National Guard for extra security that day…and they ignored him

The FBI warned of the riot plans…and Nancy ignored them.

The Capitol Police took no extra precautions and the riot happened.

Why does it smell like Pelosi let it happen for political gain…kind of like today’s hearing.