Democrat Tina Kotek’s Stance On #MeToo Seems To Be #DealWithIt

I’m old enough to remember Hashtag ME TOO.

Remember, when millions of Americans demanded that something be done about powerful people abusing others less powerful?

Yeah, that’s all of five years ago starting with the despicable Harvey Weinstein.

Well, based on today’s politics , that ME TOO stuff is over.

Consider Democrat Tina Kotek.

She’s running for Governor but leaves some major unfinished business behind in her old job as House Speaker.

A complaint from another Democrat, state lawmaker Diego Hernandez, charges that Kotek threatened to demote legislators and even end one lawmaker’s career if she didn’t get what she wanted…like killing certain bills.

In other words, an elected official creating a hostile work environment.

The complaint was filed nearly a year and a half ago…and by the state’s own rules, it should have been resolved long ago.

Most reports on Kotek’s candidacy point out she’s be the first lesbian Governor in America.

But not so much focus on whether she’s an allegedly abusing powerful person.

Maybe the rules just don’t apply if you’re a democrat.