Democrat Tina Kotek Has A Problem With Perverts

Oregon Democrat Governor candidate Tina Kotek has a pervert problem.

I’m not talking about her personal sex preference.  Frankly, I don’t much care what she does in private.  

It’s Kotek’s PUBLIC actions THAT beg explanation.

You see, the former House Speaker wants softer punishment for sex offenders.

Almost a decade ago, Tina Kotek championed a law that reduced penalties for people who commit sexual crimes against kids…right down to 12 year olds.

Like I said, perverts.

The newest Tina twist is her endorsement of fellow Democrat and convicted drug felon Ramiro RJ Navarro.  Navarro has been public about his criminal past in his run for Oregon’s House of Representatives in District 21.

What RJ didn’t make public was hiring a field director for his campaign who has a conviction for abusing a child.  The victim of that sexual crime was under 14 years old and a court sentenced him to six years in prison.

Lawyers call that mens rea…the guilty mind.

When you don’t even tell most of those on your campaign you have a convicted pervert on the payroll…you’re admitting you know it/s wrong.

Tina Kotek knows about that …and yet her endorsement stands…and she’s not talking about it. 

Voters have a right to know if the woman who wants to be Governor is soft on pedophiles