Anothony Fauci and his lackeys in the WHO and CDC denied any chance that covid was leaked by a lab in Wuhan China from the beginning, but does new evidence point to the contrary?

According to a recently provided classified intelligence report, the US Energy Department has shifted its stance on the origins of Covid-19 and now believes it most likely arose from a laboratory leak. The report highlights the disparate judgments within the intelligence community about the pandemic’s origin. The Energy Department previously had no definitive stance on how the virus emerged but now joins the Federal Bureau of Investigation in pointing to a mishap at a Chinese laboratory as the likely cause of the virus spread. However, four other agencies and a national intelligence panel still believe it was a result of natural transmission, and two are undecided. For more information, Lars speaks with Dustin Carmack, a research fellow for cybersecurity, intelligence, and emerging technologies at The Heritage Foundation, and the Chief of Staff to former Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe.