China’s Lunar Ambitions: Will They Colonize the Moon Before the West Returns?

For the rest of time, America will be known as the country that first touched the moon, but now that we’re not going there anymore, China is, but how much of a problem is that?

The recent catastrophic loss of the spacecraft built by Elon Musk’s SpaceX has dealt a major blow to America’s efforts to return humans to the moon. Unfortunately, there are concerns that the Chinese Communist Party may beat the West in establishing lunar colonies, with reports suggesting that the CCP plans to utilize lunar dirt to construct efficient and cost-effective structures, including fortifications. Furthermore, China’s growing capabilities to neutralize other countries’ satellites and panoramic mapping of Mars have raised questions about the true nature of their space program. It could be a “dual-use” program or a fully militarized one with some civilian applications. This situation raises serious concerns about America’s ability to compete with China in the space race. Houston, we have a problem. For more information, Lars speaks with Frank Gaffney – Founder of the Center for Security Policy.