Child Labor, Or An Excellent Work Ethic?

Last week I shared with you the story of Frank Giaccio, an 11-year-old kid from Virginia who wrote to President Trump asking if he could mow the White House lawn. He said he admired Trump’s business sense and had a small business of his own doing yard care. And he got the gig! There are pictures of him all over the Internet, mowing the Rose Garden. He even got to meet the President.

But now the lefties have come out in force against the kid who got to mow the White House lawn, including Steven Greenhouse, former New York Times labor reporter and author of the book, The Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker. He tweeted that the administration was “Not sending a great signal on child labor, minimum wage & occupational safety” by having a “10-year-old volunteer mow its lawn.” The left seems to think that Trump is changing policy just by letting this kid mow the lawn. But instead of focusing on the young man who is working hard for his future, they’ve decided to make him a symbol of what they consider to be wrong with the Trump administration.

Maybe if more young people had work ethic like Frank we’d be better off.



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