We Can Do Better For Those Who Protect & Serve

By Lars Larson

A police officer has paid this morning, with his life, for the service he performs protecting the public.  It happened in Tacoma, Washington when the officer walked in on one of the most dangerous situations a cop can face; a domestic violence call.  We don’t know the officer’s name yet…but we do know that the his killer shot the officer multiple times.  Other police tracked down this murderer and when he refused to give up, shot him to death.

That’s good. We depend on police in this society.  But many forces are working against them…forces we can change.  Officers face antipathy, especially from black Americans, and nearly all of it misplaced.  Our lame duck President has done a lot over the last eight years to amplify this anti cop attitude…so I won’t be sad to see Obama go in just over a month.  

The so called department of Justice has tied the hands of officers and that makes their job more dangerous.  And local elected officials like Mayors Charlie Hales and Ed Murray have tolerated far too much stand up don’t shoot and black lives matter nonsense from anti american and anti cop and anti social forces.  Voters…you picked these jokers.  And they’re putting your lives at risk.



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