Biden’s Interest Rate Hike Could Impact Little Guys

Under the Biden regime, the Federal Reserve has been hiking interest rates for the past year in an attempt to reduce the inflation caused by Big Government’s rapid printing of trillions of dollars. However, this move could have negative consequences for the Little Guy looking to borrow money for their life, home, or business. The Fed’s interest rate hike is an attempt to stabilize the economy and reduce inflation, but it is important to consider the impact it could have on everyday people. While big banks are looking to protect their interests, it is crucial that the government also considers the needs of the Little Guy.

In anticipation of a significant increase in the amount of funding they would be required to keep on hand to absorb losses during economic downturns, big banks have been lobbying on Capitol Hill. This move could help them protect their interests but could also have a negative impact on the Little Guy. When interest rates are high, borrowing becomes more expensive, which makes it difficult for individuals and small businesses to borrow money. The Little Guy could struggle to finance their business or home purchases, and the cost of living could also rise. For more information, Lars speaks with Seton Motley – President of Less Government.