Biden’s Entire Presidency Has Been One Long String Of “Gaffe’s” And “Senior Moments”

To my knowledge, we have never seen America under the leadership of a fully senile President.

It turns out to be an expensive proposition.

Yesterday, Slo Joe Biden bragged to reporters that he’s brought down the cost of gasoline since he took office.

I’ll quote his actual words “The most common price of gas is 3.39 (a gallon) down from over five dollars when I took office.”

Bragadocious Joe doesn’t let facts get in the way when he’s ten days from a major election and his democrats expect a shellacking.

Fact is, the national average price of gas was 2.39 a gallon the day Joe took the Oath.  Today it’s a buck ten higher…not lower.

But big lies may be the only thing the Capo of the Biden crime family has left.

He does the same thing with inflation that has stripped six thousand bucks from the budget of the average American family this year.

Quote “because it’s not record inflation anymore.  I’m bringing it down.  Look what we inherited.”

Actually, Joe inherited an America with inflation at 1.4 percent…and today it rips your wallet open at 8.2%.

The only question now is: will voters buy the lie when they mark their ballots.