Biden Takes A Break From “Being Respectful” To Dump On A Reporter Who Doesn’t Baby Him

During the campaign Joe Biden ran as the decent guy Donald Trump was that mean tweeter.

On his first day, Biden promised to return decency to the White House

““If you’re ever working with me and I hear you treat another with disrespect…I promise you I will fire you on the spot.”

Oh, what a difference a bad year in office makes.  And Biden’s had a bad year.

More deaths from Covid than during Trump, record numbers of illegal aliens, a deadly exit from Afghanistan.

So, when Peter Doocy from Fox News asked a perfectly reasonable question about inflation…President decency replied on a hot mike that Doocy was a, quote “Stupid, son of a bitch”.

To be fair, Biden called Doocy last night and apologized.

But for all the media types who clutched their pearls and swooned over Donald Trump’s criticism of openly hostile news coverage…Joe only holds you in high regard if you don’t ask hard questions.

These days, “what’s your favorite flavor” is about all this confused Commander in Chief can handle.

God forbid anyone asks Joe about the millions a Ukrainian company paid his son.  You know, the country we’re about to send troops to defend?