Biden Once Again Proves He’s Dangerous To America

If you’ve held onto your belief that Joe Biden isn’t really dangerous to you or your family, allow me to debunk that.

9 years ago the Obama White House took emergency action and ordered a halt to all Gain of Function research in America.

Obama decided that scientists, manipulating viruses and bacteria to make them more dangerous to humans was a bad idea.  One of his decisions I agree with.

But Dr Anthony Fauci decided he would just fund that dangerous research, with our money, in a lab run by the Chinese government in a town called Wuhan.

This week, the Biden Energy Department confirmed what a lot of us have believed for almost three years…that the Covid virus and pandemic that killed millions came from that Chinese Communist lab.

Given that kind of history, does Joe Biden think we should ban Gain of Function research that created so much damage to people all over the Earth?

I wish!  

Yesterday, Biden National Security spokesman John Kirby announced that the White House still supports making diseases more dangerous.

But, and I’m quoting here, “…that research…must be done in a safe and secure manner…”

And we will trust the brainiacs in the federal government to keep it safe?

What could possibly go wrong?