Biden Does The Right Thing The Wrong Way

People ask me all the time: “Say something nice about Joe Biden. Just, anything!”

Today affords me that opportunity.

Biden is right to stop America from buying Russian Oil.

There.  I did it.

But there are more than a few caveats.

Biden’s team is now negotiating to replace that oil from evil Vladimir Putin…with oil from evil Nicholas Maduro of Venezuela who has been starving his own people for some time.

And I’ll point out a few of the things Biden did to help Putin that are still helping Putin.

He did everything he could to shut down American oil production…canceling Keystone pipeline, canceling leases for oil drilling on federal lands.  Regulations that shut down fracking for oil and natural gas.

A year ago, you could buy a barrel of oil for 55 bucks.  Today, it costs more than double that and some forecasts say it may go to triple this year.  Every increase in oil prices puts Rubles in Russia’s bank accounts.

“Drill, baby drill”…the Donald Trump plan…would put America back in energy independence and chop off the cash to the communist dictator.

But God forbid Joe Biden would admit that Trump was right on energy, and the economy, and the border, and, of course, China.

Joe Biden has been very, very good for Vladimir.