Biden & Buddies Hurt The Climate In The Name Of Climate Change

World leaders send a message with this week’s big climate change dog and pony show in Glasgow, Scotland.  

They’ve succeeded but not in the way they want.

First, two of the four biggest contributors to carbon in the air…China and Russia…didn’t even come.

Meanwhile, those who did…like the United States…put on quite a show.

President Joe Biden and his entourage showed up with Air Force one and a fleet of other planes.  His planes alone generate more than 2 million pounds of carbon pollution just for this one trip 

During his visit to Rome last week Biden toured around in an 85 car motorcade.

The White House explains that the massive motorcade is due to Covid rules that only allow 3 people in each…including the driver.

The U.S. brought along 26 electric cars just to show off.  Since there aren’t enough charging stations to keep them topped up…diesel generators do the job.  

The President’s PR folks point out that the generators are running on vegetable oil…but it’s still diesel and it still burns.

Biden’s motorcade in Scotland has to go 92 miles just to reach the meeting…where he and others will lecture the world on the need to use less energy.