Bernie Wants to Give Away College, Hillary Wants to Give Away Child Care

Hillary Clinton

By Lars Larson

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders should use Frank Sinatra’s “the best things in life are free“ as his campaign theme song.  He’s been running around the country promising all kinds of things for nothing.  Expensive things like college and health care.  

Now the Crook from Chappaqua, Hillary Clinton, is trying to give ol’ Bern a run for his money.  The same woman who wants to jack up America’s minimum wage by 30% to 40%, also wants people to have what she calls “affordable daycare.”

 Her measuring stick for Affordable is no more than ten percent of a family’s income.  The average family makes $52,000 a year, so the pay for play secretary of state apparently thinks you can take care of a house full of kids for less than five hundred bucks a month. Most daycare runs ten thousand bucks a year per kid, and infants cost closer to a thousand bucks a month.  

No matter, when you’re desperate to win the Presidency you think that Hawaiian guy cheated you of eight years ago, you’ll promise Americans the shirt off someone’s back



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