As A Reward For Illegally Entering The Country, Biden Is Giving Illegals A Free Trip To Your City

Consider these two things in the news today:  Governments all over America are slamming down new mask and vaccine mandates on citizens.  Meanwhile, the Biden White House aids and abets hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens crossing into America, many infected with Covid 19.

In fact, those undocumented future democrats get free plane rides from Open Borders Joe and taxpayers pay the bills.

Does that make any sense?

April set a new record for illegal crossings of our Southern border, then May beat that, and June was higher still, till we got to July:  205 thousand illegal aliens came into the United States according to Customs and Border Patrol.  The total count for the first six months of Biden: 1.3 million illegals, that we know of, have entered our country.

Months ago, President Biden got tired of reporter questions on the border crisis so he dropped it in the lap of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Harris once claimed she had the stuff to be President but now she gripes that Joe is giving her too much stuff to do…so now she’s ignoring the problem.

And where are we flying those covid infected illegal aliens?  The Government refuses to say but it’s safe to assume they’re going to every blue sanctuary city in America…where they disappear, never having had to comply with our laws.