Just prior to the Oregon elections, there was a significant reduction in the fine imposed on the Democratic Party of Oregon for falsely disclosing the origin of their largest campaign donation ever. Kevin Gleim, an assistant attorney general representing the Secretary of State’s Elections Division, stated that the party’s treasurer, like any reasonable person, should not have been content with their attempts to determine the true donor of $500,000. In an April 25 legal memorandum, Gleim pointed out that the party’s failure to disclose the actual donor, an executive from the now-disgraced cryptocurrency firm FTX, deprived Oregon voters of vital information during the final stages of the November election. He emphasized that according to state law, the Democratic Party was responsible for diligently investigating and accurately reporting that Nishad Singh, former director of engineering for FTX, had contributed the $500,000. For more information, Lars speaks with Former District Attorney Josh Marquis.