An Open Letter From A Loyal Lars Listener To Lockdown Kate Brown

Listener Brian Province penned an open letter to the Governor of Oregon, and I thought I’d share it with you now.


Dear Kate Brown, 


This letter is being sent to you with good intentions. However, the following demands are not negotiable. Open our state up immediately without delay. This includes all Government offices, ODOT, DMV and schools. Release all restrictions that you believe you somehow have the right to impose on the people. You have completely overstepped your bounds as a Governor.

I am also calling for your immediate resignation with an apology to the people for your actions. You have failed to protect the people. You are destroying an already fragile economy. You have forgotten that you are not a ruler. Seriously, have you forgotten who you work for? Apparently so.

So, as a taxpayer I will remind you that you work for everyone in this state. You are a disgrace to this state. If you feel that you cannot meet the demands of the people and are too arrogant to step out of office, then you should turn off all taxes immediately.

As We the People do not want to support your Tyranny any longer. You have violated your oath of office. STOP!!!