An Email From A Listener Shows The Faces Of The People Keeping Us Safe

We received this email from listener Jeremy, and thought it was worth sharing with everyone, our thanks and prayers go to the men and women just like this who are stepping up to keep our communities safe from these wildfires that government neglect and mismanagement have caused.

Hey Lars, Jeremy here. Just wanted to say the last few days working with these “good ol boyz” has been inspirational & emotional. My son Tanner now 19yrs has been on the front lines everyday since this started cutting small to big timber. Not working = no pay & we’re bout to head down again. Here’s a few pics I got of us one morning before heading down those steep ass canyons. The landowner came down yesterday afternoon & I didn’t see a dry eye when he was done talking. He said in short without this communities strong hearts, their home along with others would’ve been destroyed…because there was no one else coming. Hope all is well!