America Needs to Wake Up

Orlando nightclub

By Lars Larson

I was absolutely sure 15 years ago after Muslim terrorists attacked America that this country would wake up to the threat.  I was wrong.  

Yesterday, A Muslim terrorist murdered forty-nine in Florida and sent more than fifty to hospitals, holding some of them hostage until police finally killed him.  Omar Mateen called 9-1-1 just before he began killing to tell them who he was, where he was and what he was going to do and then he told them he was pledging allegiance to the Islamic State. Yet a few hours later, President Obama announced that he was unsure of the terrorist’s motive.  Seems clear to me.  

Mateen is described as deeply religious follower of Islam; a religion that says the penalty for homosexuality is death.  Ten countries around the world make being gay a capital crime, including our friends, the Saudis.  ISIS terrorists throws gays off the top of buildings and then stones them to death.  Yet today you’ll hear plenty of politicians declaring that religion is not the problem.  

Omar Mateen drove 90 miles Saturday night to murder people at the biggest gay nightclub in Orlando and do what his Islamic religion demands.



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