All Aboard The Publicly Funded, Gender Inclusive, Murder Train

Transit has become so toxic that anyone who can afford to avoid it, does.

That may explain why, as Trimet has added billions in new light rail trains and buses, transit ridership has actually declined.

Trimet’s biggest problem…riders know it’s dangerous.  Murders. Yes. assaults. Sure. thefts. You bet.  When light rail extends into new areas, police warn that the crime train brings drug dealing and crimes.

And now Trimet decided to make it even more dangerous.

Yesterday, the board of directors approved four changes that it claims will quote, “improve safety and security”.

Police are now prohibited from checking a person’s fare…often a good way to catch criminals wanted on arrest warrants.  NO MORE.

Trimet supervisors get permission to intervene…but only when it’s a non criminal event…if you’re being stabbed or robbed, they just watch it happen

Trimet used to have a transit police department till it dumped the whole thing last year and handed it off to the Sheriff’s office…

On the plus side, Trimet brags it has cleaned up its gender language to include all the fancy new pronouns.  I’m sure that when a thug is breathing down your neck on the train with his eye on your iphone, that makes you feel a lot safer.

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