Age or Experience: Does Joe Biden’s Presidency Raise Questions About Age Limits in Politics?

President Biden has announced his official bid for re-election, urging Americans to support him for another four years to “finish the job” despite dwindling approval ratings. In a tweet on Tuesday, the 80-year-old President stated that every generation has a defining moment where they must stand up for democracy and their fundamental freedoms, and he believes this is our time. Biden, who is currently the oldest President in American history, would be 86 at the end of a second full term if re-elected. His announcement coincided with the four-year anniversary of his successful 2020 run for the White House.

Slow Joe can’t make it through a speech without forgetting half, and airplane stairs seem to be his nemesis, and he gets worse as he ages, so should we put a man in his 80s back into the White House?  For more information, Lars speaks with Terry Schilling, who is the president of American Principles Project.