The Story of Adam Crapser

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By Lars Larson

We live in a rigged and hypocritical system. Just ask Adam Crapser. He’s sitting in the Tacoma immigration detention center today, and may be deported back to South Korea which he left when he was three years old.

Crapser and his sister were adopted by an American couple more than thirty years ago. These losers failed to get green cards or citizenship for their new kids and abandoned then a few years later. Then the state foster care system failed then…taking them into custody, busting up brother and sister, and shuffling them though a series of foster homes.

DHS, the state agency that allegedly cares for children, also failed to get immigration paperwork done. Crapser has committed some crimes, assault and burglary, and that came up when he tried to renew his green card. ICE took him into custody and now plans to ship him back to a land he doesn’t know.

That’s the law and we should enforce the law. I think I should point out…we have a president who has allowed millions of illegal aliens to stay in violation of the law. But I suppose if Crapser happened to be part of an important political constituency in a Presidential election year he might catch a break. But he’s South Korean, so i guess not.

AND THEN I GOT THIS…from a Loyal Lars Listener near Seattle:

I have two major issues with this Seattle man’s story.

#1. Where are his “adoptive” parents now, and why are they not being held accountable? This man is now 37, has a wife and children, grew up in the US, speaks fluent English, does not speak any Korean, and now he is being deported to a country he is unfamiliar with? The legal system is basically stating that at age 3, he should have held his adoptive parents accountable for processing his naturalization paperwork? There may be more to that story as he grew up. Perhaps he used or was given a fake social security number to obtain employment, and/or attend school. Perhaps his adoptive parents provided him with one to use. Why didn’t the foster care system address his naturalization status when his adoptive parents abandoned him?

#2. Where are the “Asian lives matter” protesters? That’s right; there aren’t any. Asians in this country have also encountered hardships. Racism, concentration/work camps during WW2, stereotyping etc., but you do not hear about Asian racism. You do not hear “Asian lives matter,” and you don’t hear politicians trying to get the “Asian vote.” We are the forgotten ethnicity. If any ethnicity should be marching up and down the streets of cities, angry that their voices aren’t heard, you’d think it would be Asians. Perhaps it’s because Asians are too busy working, raising families, going to school, not getting shot at traffic stops because we don’t argue with law enforcement, we are mindful of the laws in this country.

Quite frankly, I grew up around a lot of racism. I was the only Asian in my entire school district from kindergarten all the way through 12th grade. It was tough, I would get off the school bus crying some days, but as an adult now, I have better things to do than march through streets protesting racism against Asians. Why? Because you don’t get a participation award for life. You can make a choice; live your stereotype, or rise above it. I didn’t get a job at a nail salon, I didn’t take karate as a kid, and being as I was adopted at 3 months of age, I obviously do not speak Korean. I made the choice to not let my childhood racism affect me negatively. I learned from it, and grew from it, and am a better person because I haven’t dwelled and obsessed about the past, but have focused on the future for myself and my children.

Bottom line about this racism crap, get over it. There is only one race, the human race. Don’t expect change, be the change. ALL lives matter, even the quiet ones who the media ignores.




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