A Tale of 3 Bobs

If you think Democrats are shy about engaging in election interference, just check out what Wannabe Governor Bob Ferguson did yesterday.

The Washington Attorney General vastly overstated an elections law to intimidate two citizens who had the temerity to run against him.

Ferguson held a news conference to threaten the other two Bob Fergusons with prosecution if they didn’t drop out by 5pm.

Now, Washington does have a law, and I’ve read it carefully.  

It forbids candidates using a fake name. The other two bobs did not.

It forbids using a name that’s real but not yours.   The other two bobs did not.

It forbids using your real name if your intent is to “confuse (voters) by capitalizing on the public reputation of (a) candidate (who has already filed).

That’s the only part of the law that even comes close. 

Can you imagine Attorney General Bob taking the other two Fergusons to court and asking a Jury to send them to prison for running under their real names.

And then imagine, AG Bob proving that the other two Bobs intended to get an advantage by claiming a slice of his sleazy reputation?

The Other Two Bobs dropped out so we’ll never know.  

But now voters know that Joe Biden and his criminal cronies are not the only ones who see threatening opponents with prison time as the prescription for their own “electoral dysfunction.”