A 5-Year-Old Is The Latest Victim Of Poor Leadership

So a 5 year old boy finds a loaded gun in his S.E. Portland neighborhood and nearly shoots his dad with it.

His mom is shocked.  I’m not.  It happened because of choices.

Voters chose Feckless Ted Wheeler to lead the city and then re elected him last November.  As police commissioner Teddy chose to do away with the gang enforcement team…then he did away with the Gun Violence Reduction team.

When a gang banger does a drive by where do you think he ditches the piece?

The local DA largely refuses to prosecute a lot of criminals.

It turns out too many criminals are people of color…and that would be politically inconvenient.

And when little Sam Rodenbush found that gun he told dad, “‘Daddy, I found a gun and I’m going to shoot you with it. Can I shoot you with it?”

I’m glad he didn’t but the way his mom describes it, it was a close call

Clearly a child who hasn’t been taught about guns.

Northwest Schools tell us the solution to every problem in the world is education, except for guns.

A program called Eddie Eagle teaches kids, if you see a gun, stop, don’t touch, leave the area and tell an adult.

But the schools refuse to use the program.  Another choice, made by the people voters elect.