Bernie Sanders: Socialist with Capitalist Tendencies

Bernie Sanders

By Lars Larson

The northwest looks good for Bernie Sanders in the primary elections a few weeks from now.  After all, Oregon has been run by socialist democrats for decades and is, as “Portlandia” famously put it, “where young people go to retire”.  But I hope people pay attention to what the Commie from Vermont has been doing lately.  He talks a good game about higher wages for low skilled jobs, but for his political campaign, he’s apparently driven by capitalist impulses.

This week Sanders lays off hundreds of campaign workers because he needs to put the money somewhere else to get the greatest return.  At one point the Sanders campaign had a thousand staffers, but after losing four out of the five recent primaries, he’s trimmed that back to about 350.  The delegate rich California primary looms in just over a month, so Sanders is keeping his staff there, But hundreds of others got fired this week.

In other words, the Presidential candidate is making the same kind of sensible decision that businesses make all the time; cut workers when you need to.  Sanders of course, is the same guy who blasts Hillary Clinton for only supporting a $12 minimum wage instead of the $15 wage Sanders advocates.  But what does Sanders pay interns for campaigning?  $12 an hour, and a pink slip when he doesn’t need you.



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