Clackamas County’s Election Officials Fail Oregon Once Again

Remember what a train wreck elections became under Clackamas County Clerk Sherry Hall back in the May primary?

Hall refused to resign her post for the massive failure, even while she admitted it was her bad decisions.

Well, it looks like Hall…who somehow kept her well-paid public position after that disaster…is Captain of the Election Titanic once again.

We got the first hint late yesterday when Hall announced that the results of today’s election…which have not even started to be counted…will be delayed till sometime tomorrow night.  

A token count at 8:10 tonight won’t really tell the tale.  Hall promises the rest of the results by 6pm tomorrow night. 

And what’s the worst part of this?  

Hall refuses to say what has gone wrong.  

The same thing she did back in May, when the state of Oregon saw its biggest election debacle. 

The best part?  Hall is up for re-election.

Let’s hope that voters choose wisely in that race and elect for new leadership.

My final advice on the election for Oregon:

Drazan, Perkins, Deremer, Skarlatos, Bentz, Mann and Erickson. vote no on all the ballot measures

In Washington, vote for Joe Kent and Tiffany Smiley…and Rey Reynolds for Clark County Sheriff