How Would You Support Someone’s Breastfeeding Regardless Of Their Color?!?

A Lady Lars listener, whose name i won’t mention, saw an ad on the back of a transit bus…took a picture and wrote me “I just do not get Portland”

Here’s what the Multnomah County Health Department ad promotes. “Support black breast feeding”. It shows two people of color, a man and a woman. The woman is breastfeeding. Here’s my take.

Breastfeeding has lots of positive benefits for babies. I understand that.

1. Can’t we just advocate for all breast feeding? Why “black” breast feeding in particular

2. Isn’t breast feeding a CHOICE by the mother or does choice only involve killing BABIES

3. I know the health points…but AGAIN, its the mothers choice right

4. As a practical matter how are we to “support”…do we go all “Karen” on any black woman with a baby under 6 mo who has a bottle…and how do we know what’s in the bottle

5. Are her friends and family expected to push her that direction