Yes Mr. President, Words Do Matter

Words Have Power

By Lars Larson

Words matter.  I know that.  And Barack Oblivious USED to know it.  Because back in 2008 when he was just Senator and Presidential Hopeful, he said it himself.

(start watching at the 24 second mark)

Yet yesterday, President “Oblivious,” reacting to the maybe gay, Omar Mateen’s slaughter at an Orlando nightclub, insisted that it wasn’t important at all to call it radical Islamic terrorism.

The President deployed his usual strategy when America comes under attack; He attacks Americans. He attacked GOP candidate Donald Trump for daring to suggest that the President was afraid to call it what it is.  The clueless President insisted that we could stop terrorist attacks if those darn republicans would give him the new gun laws he’s been begging for.

The problem is that Omar Mateen passed the background check to buy his guns with flying colors, and he came out unscathed after not one, but two FBI investigations. Then he did his killing and the President went back to outraged speechifying.



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