Where’s The Collusion?

If you’ve been paying attention to the mainstream media lately, you might think that Donald Trump had broken a major law.
A new report was released yesterday stating that Trump was using funds from the RNC and his reelection fund to pay his lawyers involved in the Russia probe. And unfortunately for the media, it turns out it’s a non-story.
According to the Federal Election Commission, private campaign funds are allowed to be used for legal bills. At least as long as they are related to that person being a candidate or elected official. All of that means that what Trump is doing is totally legal. That hasn’t stopped the left leaning media outrage though, who see this latest reveal as another footnote in their effort to “dump Trump.”
For now, the big media talkers will have to be content with having round tables discussing how frustrated they are over the latest Trump reports. Sorry lefties, better luck next time.



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